~visuals from stealth cycling explorations~

of no m a ds, mo nks, & p i lgr im s

tibet will be free

what you'll find within are images of the friends i made, the visions i saw, over the course of two, three month, 5000km bike ventures across tibet. i began in the north, wove my way across amdo via sacred amnye machen, a circle or two in kham, across the east towards lhasa via qamdo/naqu and then onwards to nepal. On both occasions i ended up following the pilgrimage routes to lhasa and so it was the case then, that although i started alone, i often found myself in the company of pilgrims, inside the warmth of their gers, sharing teas and tsampa... i went alone, on my bike, for this is the way i knew i would see clearest.

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